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The following are some of our most asked questions. Click on the question below to find the answer. If you should have a question about our program and can not find the answer below, please feel free to contact customer support by emailing or search our FAQ page.

Can I register without selecting a school or organization?

Yes , All the participating community schools will share in the funds.

Can I pick the school or organization of my choice?


Can I designate more than one school or organization?


How do the schools or organizations make money by our business donating our cartridges and cell phones?

They receive cash for every recyclable cartridge or cell phone in your business name.

Do I need to take my cartridges and cell phones to the school or organization that I'm sponsoring?

No, once registered you can call or e-mail us for a pick up or take them to the sponsored school.

Can I buy cartridges?

In addition to recycling your old cartridges with us, you can now help in an additional way by purchasing cartridges from us. For every cartridges purchased, two dollars per cartridges will be donated back to our local schools.

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