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Hands On Recycling representatives will pickup, sort, package and keep collection area clean. We will also provide your organization with collection boxes as needed, so the program is hassle free.
Your school will receive $1.00 for each recyclable cell phone, inkjet or laser cartridge collected.
Your organization will be paid within days. NO MORE WAITING weeks or months for your money. NO CHARGE BACKS for non-value or broken cartridges and NO MAILING.
No selling for the students or parents. No cost to participate.
Hands On Recycling is partnered with local businesses. We will collect cartridges that are donated to your recycling program.

Together we can make the difference. Hands On Recycling program is designed to partner education and the environment to create a simple way to raise money for organizations and help preserve the world we live in. It's just so easy. This program is done year round and we do all the work at no cost to you.

All we ask of you is to save your old cell phones, and empty ink-jet/laser cartridges instead of throwing them away donate them. Just set them aside and we will come and pick them up. Pick-ups can be arranged by calling Toll Free 1-888-486-7654, Fax 727-577-6366, fill out our online pickup form or email When you change your cartridge just place the empty cartridge in the box. This will help cut down on breakage but is not required.

Your involvement will teach our children that recycling makes dollars and sense!

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