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The following are some of our most asked questions. Click on the question below to find the answer. If you should have a question about our program and can not find the answer below, please feel free to contact customer support by emailing or search our FAQ page.

What are acceptable inkjet cartridges?

Most inkjet cartridges are recyclable, as a general rule Epson cartridges are not.

What do you mean by "Virgin" and "Non-Virgin" cartridges? What is the difference?

"Virgin" and "Non-Virgin" refers to the current condition of the inkjet or toner cartridges being collected. A virgin cartridge has never been recycled or remanufactured. A Non-Virgin cartridge has been recycled or remanufactured at least once.

Most remanufactures place their own label directly on the cartridge. Look for any labels that are not the original equipment manufactures or OEM.

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