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The following are some of our most asked questions. Click on the question below to find the answer. If you should have a question about our program and can not find the answer below, please feel free to contact customer support by clicking or search our FAQ page.

Why collect empty cartridges and cell phones?

This program is a safe, simple, quick easy, profitable way of raising money for you school. It will be extremely profitable; we will pay you cash for your empty cartridges and cell phones.

Recycling empty cartridges and cell phones also helps to reduce the amount of waste being sent to rapidly filling landfills.

How easy is the program?

The cartridge, cell phone collection program is as easy as 1-2-3.  You collect the cartridges and cell phones . We will sort, pack and ship so it's hassle free.

This is a big help when you have a large volume of cartridges.  You will receive your cash with-in days.

Will Hands On Recycling provide the materials to implement the program?

Yes . Let us know your student, teacher count and we will provide you with enough parent letters.

You can also download the information from our website and print your own parent letters.

How long will the recycling program last?

The program continues year round and from year to year. It is a twelve-month a year on going recycling program.

What fees or costs are involved for the participating schools?

There are no fees to enroll in the program we provide the materials you will need including  parent letters to send home which explains the program . And helps you get business sponsors.

How do we get businesses to sponsor our school?

You can contact your business partners for your school.  You can also send home the parent letters with the business sponsor ship coupon on the bottom of it.

Who picks up our business sponsors' cartridges and cell phones?

If you choose you can or we will gladly pick them up for you.

How do we get paid for our business sponsors' cartridges and cell phones?

You get paid the same amount as if we picked them up from your school.

Is there a limit on the quantity of cartridges you will buy?

There is no minimum or limit to the quantity of cartridges or cell phones we will buy.

Are the cartridge prices subject to change?

No, The cartridge list may change from time to time though.

How do we know what to collect?

We provide a brochure which explains the program and list the cartridges and cell phones which we purchase.

If we get in cartridges or cell phones that are not on the brochure are we responsible to dispose of them?

No. It is our job to keep the collection area clean, and dispose of them properly

How do we store the cartridges and cell phones as they are collected?

Place the cartridges in plastic bags preferably but not required.  We recommend that this precaution be taken to prevent possible leakage on hands, clothing, bags, etc .

If ink gets on your hands does it come off?

Most ink is water based and will come off with bleach .

Is it ok if there is still some ink in the cartridges?

Yes. We have no problems with the cartridges having ink in them .

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